The “bottom up” self-assembly method has increasingly gotten scientists’ attention for effectively construction of nano- and micro-structural materials. And the self-assembled functional materials also have become the hot spot of research fields in chemistry, physics, biology, materials, microelectronics, and so on. The goal of this conference in to bring together the broad, multidisciplinary community of researchers who are interested in the field of self-assembled functional materials and the opportunities for future high-impact science and technology related to such field. The conference will provide a common forum for scientists operating in all the fields of self-assembled functional materials from their preparations to their properties and applications. The conference will primarily focus on the following topics that are of strong current interest in fields of self-assembled functional materials:

1) Self-assembly of Colloidal Particles
2) Photonic Crystals
3) Molecule Self-assembly
4) Photo-functional Materials and Devices
5) Chemical and Biological Sensors
6) Integrated material and bio-inspired material
7) Others

Finally, new insights on short-term and future/futuristic device applications will be of prime interest in the framework of this Conference.


Date : July 5 - July 7,2013

Place : Southest University, Nanjing, China

Chairpersons : Zhong-Ze Gu (Southeast University, China)

Co-Chairpersons : Tomokazu Iyoda (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) Yadong Yin (University of California, Riverside, USA)